otc – Observant Thick Conversation was founded in 2018 and operated under the names Law of Life (LoL) and Yours truly, LoL until 2022. The group consists of the artists Alexander Klaubert, Francis Kussatz, Julia Lübbecke, and Rahel grote Lambers.

They formed out of frustration with a culture industry focused on individualism and a desire to find and create common paths and structures for young artists to support each other. In addition to their own exhibition practices and thematic engagement, building sustainable networks through initiating close dialogue between artists, curators, and cultural producers is a significant part of their artistic-political work.

Their works have been shown, among others, at the Kunstverein Göttingen, the ZAK – Center for Contemporary Art Berlin, the Frappant Galerie in Hamburg, and the Vunu Gallery in Košice.

Upcoming Projects & Exhibitions:

Have we passed peak collective?‘ Part 1, Symposium, Künstlerhaus Lauenburg, Lauenburg (17.05.-18.05.2024) Symposium Program

PART TIME COMMITMENT SERIES. Chapter 1–4‘, Group Exhibition, Lothringer 13 Halle, München (14.6.—11.8.2024)More Information

‚Have we passed peak collective?‘ Part 3, Talk, Künstlerhaus Bremen, Bremen (October 2024)

‚Have we passed peak collective?‘ Part 4, Talk, Soft Power, Berlin (December 2024)