Francis Kussatz and Alexander Klaubert tell the story of a fictitious personality who lives, experiences and spends their existence in Berlin`s contemporary techno scene. In the visual exploration, the artists extracting individual fragments from the hypothetical life of a young woman (Saskia N.) and aggregate them into a complex overall picture. Visitors to the exhibition, as observers, can immerse themselves in the emotional world of the woman, draw detective subjective conclusions, find their own parallels and /or objectively formulating a psychogram.

What’s going on in her head? How has she spent the last 30 years? What characterizes her to this day?

A mix of surreal photographs, video works and sculptures opens the door to a narrative chain of associations. In his function as a narrator, the viewer cognitively combines all elements into an imaginary biography.

Limited Narrator by Alexander Klaubert & Francis Kussatz curated by Jasmin Liebetrau ( in cooperation with Betriebsfeier Berlin and Anomalie Art Gallery. The exhibition was running from the 16th June 2018 nonstop until 17th June 2018.

Concert /
Cockblock * live, Konstantin Unwohl * live

Party /
Smash TV, Coco, SiD, Bee Lincoln, Bianka Banks, Sama, Empro, Ben Bear